Forge Cellars 2017 Dry Riesling Classique

My first Riesling review! For those of you unfamiliar with the Finger Lakes Region, let me introduce to you, the “King” of FLX wine varietals… RIESLING! Why does the FLX region produce such great riesling wines? The cool climate and the soil type are two integral factors in the quality of Finger Lakes Riesling.

The climate in the FLX is very similar to another famed Riesling region; Mosel, Germany. The Finger Lakes area has a similarly short growing season. The lakes also produce a “mini-climate” area, where a small “warmth force field” blankets the nearby hills and provides protection from the frigid temperatures during the long winter season. The result is excellent crispness and acidity in the region’s white wines, and balanced red wines.

The soil of the FLX is at the heart of the area’s “terroir.” Shale and limestone layers impart an impeccable minerality to the wines.

Now that you have learned what makes Finger Lakes Riesling so special, I’d like to present my review of the Forge Cellars 2017 Dry Riesling, Classique.

As soon as I poured myself a glass of this wine, I was surprised by the darker yellow golden hue. It is certainly darker than many Rieslings I have tasted before. With a nose of perfectly ripe pear and lemon zest, I was excited to try this wine.

The crisp mouthwatering acidity of this wine lingered on the side of my tongue forever! Tastes of honey, fruit and citrus were well proportioned, and no one flavor was overpowering. There was a distinct minearlity to the wine that is classic of the Finger Lakes region. The wine was incredibly well balanced, and I thought I might have even tasted a bit bit of butterscotch. Perhaps the wine went through malolactic fermentation, or even aged in barrels for a period of time.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this wine. In reviewing the website, I am fascinated with the story behind this wine label. The label consists of three winemakers, one French and two American, and they focus entirely on Dry Riesling and Pinot Noir. In true artisinal style, they also use indigenous yeast (aka yeast found hanging out in the atmosphere) to ferment their wines.

I MUST make a trip here. If you want an amazing wine that truly typifies the Finger Lakes Region, pick up this Dry Riesling and try it today. In fact, buy two bottles and save one for a few years from now. This white wine seems like it might get even better with age!

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