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Hi!  I’m Stephanie Marks and I’ve been a wine lover since 2008.  It all started when I took the infamous “Wines” class at Cornell University my senior year.  I caught the wine bug and have been involved with wine ever since!  The summer of 2008 before I moved to NYC for my first “real job,” I was a Tasting Room Server at the New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua, NY.  I learned a lot about NYS wines, and my love of the Finger Lakes Region grew.  Although born and raised here in the Finger Lakes, I never quite appreciated the area until I started learning more about it while at the NYWCC.

When I lived in NYC for two years, I visited every wine bar I could afford!  Eventually, I returned to Rochester, NY to be with my long term boyfriend (now husband!).  While living on Park Avenue, I worked at a wine store in addition to my full time job as a Financial Analyst at a bank.  I loved finance, but I could not get rid of this feeling that I should be combining my love of wine with my career!  So in 2014 I made the switch to Constellation Brands where I worked for five years in the Financial Planning and Analysis department.

The idea for this blog came when I was joking around with a friend that the only hobby I had was wine.  She responded, “you should start a blog!”  So here I am, a first time blogger, writing about one of my greatest passions…Finger Lakes Wine!

If you aren’t convinced of my “street cred” yet, I have visited dozens of Finger Lakes Wineries on all three of the big lakes (Seneca, Keuka and Cayuga), and attend wine events as often as I can.  I hope to become your go-to expert for all things Finger Lakes Wine!

Legal Stuff…

I would assume that to the majority of you this would be obvious however any and all content on http://www.flxfinest.blog is my personal view and does not reflect the views of my current or past employers. The same goes for any content I post on any other social media I may be involved in where I personally am posting information.  

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